Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stop, In The Name Of Love

When inquiring about our video transfer services, customers sometimes request to transfer their videos to VHS format. Ted's Video Services will gladly oblige, but here are some reasons why you would want to reconsider preserving your precious memories onto VHS video tapes.
  • VHS is an analog video format, and an analog-to-analog video transfer will always result in a slight loss of picture quality.
  • As with any technology that uses magnetic tape, video tapes are prone to wear and tear, and they can deteriorate over time, even in storage.
  • Magnetic tapes can be affected by strong magnetic fields, possibly resulting in erasures.
  • Damaged or "eaten" video tapes cannot be recovered.
  • VHS, which was developed by JVC, has served consumers well for over two decades, but it is an obsolete format now. In fact, VHS VCRs are pretty much nonexistent at retailers, and when you do see them, they're in combo decks, like DVD/VCR. 
In summary, to preserve your videos and film, it is best to transfer your videos onto some digital format, like DVD or to a hard drive. Note that converting your old analog videos, like VHS or Video 8/Hi-8 (8mm video), to DVD will not improve the picture quality from the original source, but you don't lose picture quality like you would in an analog video transfer, as in VHS to VHS.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Before It's Too Late

We all know that audio and video tapes should always be stored in cool, dry places and be kept away from strong magnetic fields, like from large loudspeakers. But even in following these suggestions, no magnetic tape will last forever.

As analog audio and video tapes deteriorate over time and the machines that play them are becoming rare or are not worth the expense to service, the best time to back up and preserve your precious memories is now.

Here is some information about Ted's Video Services' audio/video transfer services:
  • Ted's Video Services has been specializing in audio and video transfers since 2005.
  • We only use professional grade, high quality media to preserve your valuable recordings.
  • All transfers of popular consumer video formats are done in-house, including DVD, VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8 (8mm video), Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini-DV, Betamax, Super Betamax, and High Definition Video or HDV (1080i).
  • We use FireWire (aka IEEE1394 or Sony i.Link) connections to transfer digital video formats (Mini-DV, HDV, Digital 8) to preserve the original picture quality.
  • At no extra charge, we can trim out the beginning and end of audio and video recordings, like removing the "noisy" video glitches, for clean transfers.
  • For a nominal charge, we can cut out select scenes within the video, for example, perhaps you have some unwanted footage you don't want on the DVD. (By the way, Ted's Video Services also offers full professional video editing services; please call for details.)
  • Typical turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days, possibly more depending on the number of tapes you bring in.
  • When you bring in 5 tapes or more, you automatically get a 20% discount on your transfer order.
  • Quality checks are performed to ensure proper disc navigation and playback before delivery.
  • Same Day and Next Day/Weekend Express Services are available at an additional charge.
  • We specialize in transferring analog videos to hard drives so you can edit the raw footage yourself. This service is available for Apple iMovie and Final Cut Pro, and Windows Movie Maker video editing software.
  • Ted's Video Services offers FREE pick up and delivery for Fremont, Newark, Hayward, and Union City.
And here's a quick tip: The more recordings you can fit onto one CD or DVD, the more you save on your total order in the long run.

Please contact Ted's Video Services at (510) 796-2200, or E-mail and get a free estimate on digitizing your irreplaceable audio and video recordings. Preserve them now, before it's too late.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ted's Video Services Now On Facebook

This is just a quick note that Ted's Video Services now has a Facebook® Page.

The Page will be updated regularly with helpful information, tips, articles, highlights about services, videos, and so forth. Please visit and bookmark the Page, or even better, become a Fan.

This blog will still be active, however, the Facebook® Page is the best place to keep up with Ted's Video Services. Enjoy!
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