Thursday, January 1, 2009

Long Live Blu-ray

It's a sad fact: Consumers have become beta testers to the electronics industry.

Blu-ray and its rival, HD-DVD, exemplify this. Clearly, there have been a lot of issues with the first players and their widespread acceptance was inhibited by a format war, circa JVC's VHS vs. Sony's Betamax. These high definition videodisc players are equipped with connections (e.g., Ethernet, USB) so, if necessary, you can update the firmware to make them work properly.

This is an unusually odd trend, indeed.

I remember days when you would buy a piece of electronics equipment and the fricking thing would just work. Nowadays, a lot of electronics are so software driven and released pre-maturely. And as a consequence consumers have to rely on tech support help, Internet forums, software/firmware updates, and knowledge bases at manufacturers' websites.

Ted's Video Services has been offering videography services in 1080i High Definition Video since 2006. Now that the format war is over and Blu-ray has been victorious, Ted's Video Services can now offer videos on Blu-ray, and we will want to make sure the disc will play in your machine. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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